The Dutch Smoushond General Information

The Dutch Smoushond dog has a long double protective layer, strong and thick hair, giving the dog a carefree and neat appearance. The color is straw yellow. Long straight hair forms a beard, beard, eyebrows. Behind the front legs are thin wings. The small eyes are bright and the eyelids are black. The nose and lips are black, and the eyes are black. The legs are small and round. The ears are triangular and the heads are tall. The tough, straight front legs and flexible hind legs are muscular. The skull is slightly rounded, with an apparent stopping point and a medium-length muzzle. I have a strong chin. When the dog relaxes, its tail hangs down. The cat-like legs are tight and covered with long hair. The forehead is strong and a little rounded. The body is well balanced and close to the ground.

history of Dutch Smoushond

The exact source of Smoothsond is unknown. However, from the outside, it is partly related to the German Schnauzer. Smoothsond gained popularity as a companion to gentlemen in the late 1800s. World War II made it endangered. Attempts to preserve the variety have largely failed. Early 1970s, H.M. Mrs. Berkman has begun to gather information about Smoothsond. By studying photographs and ancient lineages and talking with a judge who remembers the breed, she was able to reproduce it through selective breeding. Today, the Dutch Smoothson has a pure temperament and temperament. The typical terrier is a rat, and it is a pleasure to intimidate rodents. This breed is currently very safe, with 125 puppies registered each year. Smoushond is little known outside the Netherlands, and most Dutch breeders are not interested in advertising abroad.

Overview of Dutch Moushond

Beard means “Smous”, this breed has a rough and sturdy coat. This breed has large facial hair and is expected to have thick beards, beards, and eyebrows (even women!).

A bitch sits between the small dog and the medium dog. Female dogs are similar in size, but their backs are usually slightly longer than male dogs. The overall impression is that the chest depth of a compact, muscular dog is proportional to the dog’s half to shoulder height.

The smoothsond skull is slightly wider and hemispherical with a good proportion, so the muzzle length is half that of the skull cavity. The attractive dark brown eyes, black nose, and black-framed lips complement this sensation. The short tail of the Smoushond is an obvious feature, its length should not exceed the length from the hip joint to the ankle (ankle). It should be placed upright, but do not curl on your back.

The smoothsond logo is yellow and the ears are tilted towards the dark straw ears. Similarly, his beards, beards, and eyebrows can be dark shades of yellow.



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