The Cesky Terrier General Information

The Cesky Terrier is a medium length, low terrier with a slightly taller back and was developed as a muscular, colored athletic terrier for group feeding. The body is strong, but not heavy. The dog’s head is very long with a thick beard, beard and eyebrows. Wave silk jackets are usually decorated in tan, gray, white, or yellow with a variety of gray-blue tones (rarely light brown), but puppies are naturally black or black and tan.

Important facts

Height: 10-14 inches.

Size: small

Weight: 13-22 lbs.

Ease of use: hard to find

Talents: hunting, chase, terrier, watchdog, guard


Due to the efforts of the Czechoslovak dog Frantisek Holak, Czech terriers are also known as Bohemian terriers. Cesky is a relatively young breed and was first recognized by the FCI in 1963. Cesky’s original purpose was to kill pests, especially mice and foxes, in their nests. Hollac tried to make a beagle with a thin head and chest and a soft coat, making it easier for dogs to enter the cave. He also brought up an easy temper and made the Czech Terrier a fun companion dog. Czech terriers were first imported into the United States around 1987. This variety entered the Other AKC categories in 2011 and is now a member of the AKC Terrier Group.


For blue-gray dogs, the skin pigment is gray; for brown dogs, the skin pigment is flesh. Grayish-blue dogs have brown eyes, and brown dogs have yellow eyes. Blue-gray dogs have black noses and lips, while brown dogs have liver-colored noses and lips. The ears are triangular and folded forward. The head is very long, not too wide and has a definite stopping point. The non-overhanging tail is 7-8 inches long. The forefoot is strong, short and straight. Foot removal is optional.Very strong breed without major genetic diseases. Occasionally Czech skis get infected with Scotty Cramp, a small problem that causes embarrassing movements (Scotch Cramp is not pain or life-threatening). Very good with other animals. A good dog to walk with. The Czech terrier was trimmed with electric pliers and wasn’t stripped like most other terriers.

Personality of Cesky Terrier

Playful and protective. Sweet and happy. Patience and courage. Training is easier than many terriers. Easy to handle. Be unique to strangers but be loyal to their masters and get along with your children.

Motion of Cesky Terrier

Children: bring children

Friendly: left for strangers

Training ability: Training is a little difficult

Independence: No particular independence or independence

Advantage: Low

Other pets: usually good with other pets

Combat strength: generally does not attack dogs

Noise: average

Indoor: Moderate indoor activities

Owner: Suitable for beginner owners

Care of Cesky Terrier

Retouching: Requires regular retouching

Trimming and stripping: Requires moderate trimming or stripping

Jacket: Medium jacket

Dropout: very light

Exercise: Requires moderate exercise

Jogging: A fair jogging companion

Apartment: Suitable for apartment life

Outdoor space: Is it okay to have no garden

Climate: Works well in most climates

Longevity: Moderate life expectancy (12-15 years)



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