The Carin Terrier General Information

History of Carin Terrier

Carin Terrier is one of the member of terrier family. The name “Que Interior” is a small pile of stones used to mark the boundaries and graves of Scottish farms. Its job is to throw these little animals out of their nests and into these piles of stones. Although used for this purpose for centuries, Cairn Terriers are now mostly companions. He is also good at the earth dog (earth test) test. Everyone remembers Cairn Toto in the movie The Wizard of Oz. The Cairn dog is one of the original breeds of Scottish dogs and may be the cause of Scottish dogs today, the West Highland White Terrier and the Sky Terrier.


The Cairn Terrier is a small, very sturdy, small terrier with a rich fluffy outercoat and a soft, soft undercoat. This coat is red, mottled, black, sand and various shades of gray. In addition to white, other colors can be used, but it is recommended to choose black spots (ears, eyes, muzzle). Adult coat colors are difficult to predict from puppy coats. This is because this color usually lasts for years. The “ke interior” is compact and measures approximately 14-1 / 2 to 15 inches from the front limb to the rear rear. The head is wide, with dark flower pks, eyebrows and a black nose. The ears are small and pointed and naturally stand upright. The short, furry tail was lifted vigorously. Disadvantages to avoid: missing teeth, pink nose, white chest and feet, soft or curly coat.

Important facts

Height: Average 10 inches (male); 9-1 / 2 inches (female)

Weight: Average 14 lbs. (Male); £ 13 (female)

Availability: It may take some time to find

Talents: Hunting, Marmot, Tracking, Watchdog, Agility, Competitive, Performance Skills

Suitable for living apartment. The coat should be brushed once a week and bathed monthly. Pruning and hair removal twice a year will keep your dog in top shape. I like digging things in the backyard for pests. Do not leave yourself in an unattended garden! You may become a tracker. Do not place lead in hazardous areas. Daily hard walking brings plenty of exercise to the mountains. Do not overdose, as this variety tends to gain weight. Even if your dog is dying to beg, please handle it in limited quantities! Keynes is prone to allergies to fleas.


Energetic, strong, anxious and a little busy. A big dog among puppies. Attentive, loyal, happy, cute and horny. A little independent, but friendly. Women tend to be more independent than men, and some breeders consider men more friendly. Very curious, fearless and bold. I love making tricks. Easy to train. Having a child is fun. Sensitive, but rigorous, but not demanding training and discipline. Without care and training, the hills can be destructive and / or have excess bark. Ideal for new houses.

Motion of Carin Terrier

Children: Great for seniors and caring children

Friendly: Very friendly with strangers

Trainability: easy to train

Independence: very independent

Dominant position: Medium

Other pets: usually good with other pets

Combat strength: Maybe a little dog fight

Noise: average

Indoor: Indoor active

Owner: Suitable for beginner owners

Care of Carin Terrier

Retouch: Needs a little retouch

Trimming and stripping: Requires moderate trimming or stripping

Coat: Middle length coat

Dropout: very light

Exercise: Requires moderate exercise

Jogging: Small but great for jogging.

Apartment: If you exercise enough, you can spend in the apartment

Outdoor space: Is it okay to have no garden

Climate: Works well in most climates

Longevity: Moderate life expectancy (12-15 years)



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