The Carin Terrier Advanced Information

Carin Terrier dog is one of the member in terrier family. Agile, agile and natural look. Put out your forehead. A strong dormitory. Free movement deep inside the ribs. All-weather jacketIt should give the impression of being positive, playful and enduring. Fearless and gay, confident but not radical.

Body Characteristics of Carin Terrier

Head and skull

The head is small, but proportional to the body. The skull is wide, with a clear indentation between the eyes and a specific stop position. The muzzle is strong and the chin is strong, but neither long nor heavy. Nose black. My head is well organized.


Medium dark hazel, separated from each other. A little sagging, dark eyebrows.


It is small, sharp, well carried, upright and must not be too tight or too thick.


Big teeth. The lower jaw is strong, complete, regular and complete scissors bite, ie the upper jaw is in close contact with the lower teeth at right angles to the lower jaw.


Be prepared and don’t be short.


The shoulders are slanted, the legs are of medium length and the bones are good but not too heavy. Forelimbs do not bend their elbows. The legs are covered with rough hair.


The backrest is of medium length. Bounces with deep ribs and has a strong waist.


The thigh muscles are very strong. Good but no excessive suffocation bend. The hook is firmly placed and does not tilt inward or outward when viewed from the rear.


The front legs are larger than the hind legs and may be slightly curved. The pads are thick and durable. Feet are thin, slender, or scattered, and long nails are uncomfortable.


It is short, well-balanced and well dispersed, but without feathers. It’s neither high nor low, it keeps rising, but don’t back up.

Other characteristics of Carin Terrier dog

Walking / Motion of Carin Terrier dog

Very freely flowing pace. Forelimbs are straight. Press hard on your hind legs. The hooks should not be too close or too wide.

Coating of Carin Terrier dog

Very important. Weatherability. You need to perform a double coating process. The outer layer must be sufficiently rough and rough. The undercoat is short and soft. Opening the coat is uncomfortable. Some variation is allowed.

Color of Carin Terrier dog

Milky white, wheat, red, gray or almost black. All branches of these colors are acceptable. Not pure black, white, black and tan. Black spots such as ears and muzzle are common.

Size of Carin Terrier dog

Height: Approximately 28-31 cm (11-12 inches) when withered, but proportional to weight. Weight: Ideally 6-7.5 kg (14-16 lbs).

Cons Carin Terrier dog

Any behavior deviating from the above perspective should be considered negligent, and the severity of the negligence should be proportional to its severity and its effect on the dog’s health and well-being.

Male animals require two apparently normal testicles to completely enter the scrotum.



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