The Border terrier Advanced Information

Border terrier dog is one of terrier do in terrier family. We have discussed about advanced way in this article It isBasically a working dog. Besides chasing horses, you can combine activities with fun.

Body Characteristics of Border terrier dog

Head and skull

The head is like an otter, the skull is of medium width and the muzzle is short and strong. It is best to have a black nose, but the liver and flesh color is not serious.


A dark and sharp look.


Small V-shape, medium thickness, slide forward close to cheek.


The scissor bite, or upper tooth, lies firmly on the lower tooth at a right angle to the lower jaw. Horizontal bites are acceptable. Under or beyond the main obstacle, it is highly undesirable.


The length is moderate.


The front legs should be straight and the bones not too heavy.


Deep, thin, and quite long. The ribs move nicely backwards, but they aren’t very elastic because you should be able to pull the beagle away from behind your shoulders with both hands. Strong waist.


A small and thick cushion.


It’s reasonably short, with a fairly thick bottom and a taper. Sit high and walk up, but don’t curl your back.

Other characteristics of Border terrier dog

Walking / Motion of Border terrier dog

There is a sound that follows the horse.


Severe, dense, close to coat. The skin should be very thick.


Red, wheat, taupe and tan, or blue and tan.

Size of Border terrier

Weight: Dog 6-7 kg (13-15.5 lb)

The bitch weighs 5-6.5 kg (11.5-14 lb).

Cons of Border terrier dog

Any behavior that deviates from the above perspective should be considered negligent, and its severity should be considered proportional to its ability to work and its impact on the dog’s health and well-being.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles completely in the scrotum.



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