The Bedlington Terrier General Information

Important facts of Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier dog is one of the Terrier dog which has terrier characteristics.

Height: Average 16-1 / 2 inch (male); Average 15-1 / 2 inch (female)

Size: small

Weight: 17-23 lbs.

Ease of use: hard to find

Talents: hunting, watchdog, marmot

History of Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier was originally named after the Roseberry Area on the English border. Rothbury’s gypsy nailists used this breed as a hunter to hunt a variety of animals, including badges. Around 1825, Rothbury’s dog mated with a Bedlington bitch. Joseph Ainsley produced the first dog known as the Bellington Terrier. Whippets may be introduced to make the breed faster and more athletic. Other sources say the Dandie Dinmont terrier may be responsible for the variety. The resulting agile terriers are badges, rats, otters, foxes and rabbits. Bedlington was first introduced as another breed in 1877.

General appearances

Bedrington Terrier’s pear-shaped head, arched back and curly coat look like a little sheep. The head is non-stop and descends continuously from the crown to the nose. Thick double coats are a mixture of soft, rough hair, like blue, sand, or liver. The dog’s eyes, legs, chest, and back have sunburn marks, the hips have arches on the back, and Bedlington has a unique elastic walk, especially when he moves slowly


Strong, lively and aggressive, especially with other dogs. Motivated, energetic, energetic and fast. Despite his gentle appearance, he is still a good fighter. Careful reproduction has made Bedlington’s people more friendly and helpful today.

Motion of Bedlington Terrier

Children: Great for seniors and caring children

Friendly: Very friendly with strangers

Training ability: Training is a little difficult

Independence: many people needed

Advantage: Low

Other pets: usually do not trust other pets

Combat strength: Maybe a little dog fight

Noise: barking

Indoors: Indoors are quite active

Owner: Suitable for beginner owners


Retouching: Requires regular retouching

Trimming and stripping: Requires professional trimming and shaping.

Coat: Curly coat

Dropout: very light

Exercise: Requires moderate exercise

Jogging: Small but great for jogging.

Apartment: If you exercise enough, you can spend in the apartment

Outdoor space: Is it okay to have no garden

Climate: Works well in most climates

Lifespan: Average (10-12 years)



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