The Bedlington Terrier Advanced Information

A graceful and gentle muscular dog with no signs of weakness or roughness. The entire head is pear-shaped or wedge-shaped and is expressed in a gentle and gentle rest. It is full of high morale and confidence. A smart companion with strong sports intuition. Good temper, gentle temperament, dignified, not shy or nervous. Be quiet, but be courageous when you wake up. Bedlington Terrier dog Advanced Information are here below.

Body Characterstics of Bedlington Terrier dog

Head and skull

The skull is narrow, deep, round and covered with a rich silky top knot. The chin is long and tapered. The line from the occipital bone to the end of the nose should not be interrupted and there should be no “stop”. I have a lot of eyes Near the lips, not in flight. The nostrils are large and clear.


Relatively small and bright. The ideal eye has a triangular appearance. Blue-black eyes; yellowish blue and tan eyes, liver and sandy with light brown eyes.


Medium size, hazel type, low, hang flat on cheek. Delicate and soft to the touch, the tip is covered with short, thin hair with white silky tips.


The teeth are big and strong. The scissors bite. That is, the upper teeth firmly overlap the lower teeth at right angles to the lower jaw.


Long, tapered, deep-bottomed and not prone to throat. In spring, I jumped from my shoulders and head and was raised high.


The front legs are straight and the chest is wider than the legs. The ganglia are long, not weak, and slightly tilted. The shoulders are flat and sloped.


Muscles and elasticity. The chest is deep and quite wide. Flat ribs, deep inside the bri of the cow and straight to the elbow. The waist has a natural arch on the waist and is underlined. Height is slightly longer than height.


Medium length arched waist with curved contours just above the waist. The hind legs look longer than the front legs. The hooks are strong and disappointing, neither inside nor inside. The level of suffocation is moderate.


Long rabbit legs with thick and tight pads. The pad sounds good with no cracks or keratin abnormalities.


Medium-length, roots are thick, gradually tapered and curved. Lower it and don’t carry it over.

Other Characteristics of Bedlington Terrier dog

Walking / Motion of Bedlington Terrier dog

You can run at high speed and it looks like that. The movement is very unique, finely chopped, light and flexible, slow-paced and a bit of full-step rotation.

Coating of Bedlington Terrier dog

It is very characteristic. It is thick, soft, and sticks out of the skin, but it is not tight. Especially the head and face tend to twist clearly.

Color of Bedlington Terrier dog

Blue, liver, or sand color. The use of dark pigments should be encouraged. Blue, blue, and tan noses should be black. The liver and Sandy’s nose should be brown.

Size of Bedlington Terrier dog

Height: About 41 cm (16 inches) in a dead area.

In the case of a bitch this allows slight changes, but in the case of dogs it allows slight changes.

Weight: 8-10 kg (18-23 lbs).

Cons of Bedlington Terrier dog

Any behavior deviating from the above perspective should be considered negligent, and the severity of the negligence should be proportional to its severity and its effect on the dog’s health and well-being.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles completely in the scrotum.



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