The Cesky Terrier Advanced Information

Cesky terrier dog were the result of the proper breeding of Sealy Ham Terrier and Scottish Terrier bitches. The aim is to develop a lightweight, short-footed, pigmented hunting terrier that has practical drooping ears, is easy to care for and easy to train. In 1949, a novice Kl near Prague, Frantisek Hork, began to improve the variety by modifying its characteristics. These dogs first appeared in 1959, and in 1963 the FCI finally recognized the dog breed.

Overall appearance of Cesky terrier dog

Short legs, long hair, excellent workmanship, muscularity, small stems, small ear lobes, and rectangular shape.Balanced, not aggressive, fun and cheerful companions, easy to train. There are also reservations for strangers. A calm and friendly attitude.

Body Characteristics of Cesky terrier dog

Head and skull

The forehead plane is long, blunt but not too wide wedge-shaped, forming a unique break with the nose bridge.

Skull area

Skull: The width between the ears is not too wide, tapering gradually toward the orbit. The bulge on the back of the head is easy to reach and the cheekbones are reasonably conspicuous. The groove on the front is slightly marked.

Stop: Inconspicuous but obvious.

Important places:


Dark and well developed. The terrier must be black, the coat grayish blue, and the light brown terrier must be the liver.

Nabashi: Straight.

Lips: Relatively thick and clean.

Cheeks: The cheek bones should not be too conspicuous.


It is medium in size, has a little depth and expresses friendliness. Dogs coated in gray blue are brown or dark brown, dogs with light coffee brown are light brown. Gray-blue dogs have black eyelids and light brown coffee dogs have liver color.


It is a medium size drop that completely covers the orifice. Place it higher and lay it flat along the cheeks. It is shaped like a triangle, with the short side of the triangle at the fold of the ear.


I have a strong chin. Scissors or horizontal bite; complete dentition (no penalty for absence of 2 M3 in lower jaw). The teeth are strong, regularly aligned and perpendicular to the jaw.


Medium length, fairly sturdy and tilted. The skin of the throat was slightly loose, but no exfoliation was formed.


The front legs should be straight and the bones should be good and parallel.

Shoulder: muscle.

Elbow: Some are loose but not in or out.



Upper limit: The waist and hips are always moderately arched and therefore not straight.

Withers: Not very clear. The neck is quite high. Back: Durable and medium length.

Waist: Relatively long, muscular, wide and slightly rounded.

Gluteus: strong and muscular; pelvis leaned moderately. The bones in the hip joint are usually slightly higher than in the collapsed state.

Chest: more than depth. The ribs are delicious.

Belly: Full, slightly rounded. The sides are completely filled.


The hind legs are strong, parallel, angled and muscular.

Lower leg: short.

Hock Festival: Strong and growing.


Predecessor: Large, arched toes and strong nails. The foot pad has been developed and is thick.

Rear foot: Smaller than front foot.


The ideal length is 18-20 cm, which is relatively strong and low. When stationary, it sags or the tip is slightly bent. When alert, the tail is in the shape of a saber above level

Other Characteristics of Cesky terrier dog

Walking / Motion of Cesky terrier dog

Free, long lasting, energetic and motivated. Chiather is fairly slow but lasts. The front legs extend straight.

Coating of Cesky terrier dog

Skin: Firm, thick, without wrinkles or peeling, colored.

Texture: The hair is long, thin but firm, with a slightly wavy and silky sheen. Not excessive.

Czech Beagle is trimmed with scissors. In front of the head, the hair is not trimmed, so there are eyebrows and beards. The hair on the legs, chest and under the abdomen

Color of Cesky terrier dog

The Czech terrier has two coat colors.

-Gray blue (puppies are born black)

-Light brown brown (puppies were born chocolate brown)

In both colors, yellow, gray, or white markings are allowed on the head (whiskers, cheeks), neck, chest, abdomen, extremities, and around vents. Sometimes there is a white collar or a white tip on the tail. However, the base color must always be dominant.

Size of Cesky terrier dog

Shoulder height is 25-32 cm.

Ideal size for dogs = 29 cm, ideal size for bitches = 27 cm.

The weight must be at least 6 kg and not more than 10 kg.

Cons of Cesky terrier dog

Any behavior deviating from the above perspective should be considered negligent, and the severity of the negligence should be proportional to its severity and its effect on the dog’s health and well-being.

• The structure is weak.

• Nose pigmentation (snow nose) disappears temporarily.

• Weak front, short or intense, weak teeth.

• There are no incisors.

• Your eyes are too big or noticeable.

• The ears are too big or too small, or they have different shapes or brackets (listed in the standard).

• Your back is too long or too short.

• The front legs are bent and the front is incorrect.

• The coating is too fine or too coarse.

Failure of disqualification:

• Aggressive or shy.

• Dogs with obvious physical or behavioral abnormalities will be disqualified.

• Do not use a total of 4 teeth or less and 2 or more incisors.

• Place the dog in the front yard position.

• Entropy or extroversion.

• Bust is over 50 cm.

• The tail is bent or piggybacking.

• Dogs over the age of 2 have long hair coats.

• Coarse or curly cotton wool type hair.

• White mark coverage exceeds 20%, white flames on the head.

• Irregular and jerky cramps (“Scotty Cramps”)

• Weight greater than 10 kg or less than 6 kg.

• Shy, unbalanced or offensive personality.

• Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles completely within the scrotum.

• Use only functional, clinically healthy dogs of typical breed composition for breeding.



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